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Assoc. Prof. Soranit Siltharm, MD
Assoc. Prof. Soranit Siltharm, MD


  1. Facilitate exchange and development of knowledge in the area of clinical nutrition for members both locally and internationally
  2. Serve as a center for the advancement of knowledge in the area of clinical nutrition
  3. Promote professional ethics and visibility for clinicians and other related allied health workforce in the area of clinical nutrition.
  4. Disseminate and promote knowledge on the importance of nutrition to public
  5. Collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders to promote advancement of the organization and the society
  6. Support strict policy on non-interference toward political issues


Originated from the shared activities and vision of surgeons, clinicians and other allied health workforce on caring for critically ill patients, a determination to form an organization to promote knowledge and competency on clinical nutrition was formally formed on October 8, 1983. Led by Prof. Dr. Chomchark Chuntrasakul , a distinguished Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital, a meeting was held at the Narai Hotel, Silom Road, Bangkok, among top national experts in the area of clinical nutrition. These include Dr. Charnwit Tantipipat and Dr. Wiset Tangchai from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Dr. Punlop Jaruwanich from Phramongkutklao Hospital, Dr. Wichit Thepparat from Rajvithi Hospital, Dr. Sonchai Sirivannabood from Bhumipol Hospital, Dr. Kraisid Tontisirin from Ramathibodi Hospital and Dr. Chawengkiet Timpawat and Dr. Chana Sathornkich from Siriraj Hospital. The meeting was organized by Mr. Parinya Chotikul. The key consensus of the meeting was there was a clear shortage of healthcare personnel with adequate understanding on clinical nutrition which led to a substandard care for patients. To address this unmet need, a collective effort must be made to systematically promote dissemination and development of knowledge, skills and competency for healthcare workforce on clinical nutrition on a national scale. With this consensus, members of the meeting unanimously agreed to form an official organization to serve that function. The key objective at that time was to establish national practice guideline as a measure to promote good practice on clinical nutrition. In addition, a platform for knowledge and experience sharing through the organization may also help facilitate the advancement of knowledge on clinical nutrition at a fast pace.

Since that humble beginning, clear advancement was noticeable along with the development of product availability from just carbohydrate, protein, and fat emulsion to a more comprehensive formula including vitamins and trace elements. In addition, a multidisciplinary nutrition team comprising of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians was developed to synergize the strength and comprehensiveness of nutrition care in a number of hospitals. In 1985, the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition of Thailand Club was formally established with an organized structure and function. Prof. Dr. Chomchark Chuntrasakul of the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital was unanimously supported to serve as the first President. Clin. Prof. Chana Satornkit was appointed as the first Secretariat while Mr. Parinya Chotikun was appointed as the first Treasurer. The organization held an annual scientific meeting every year since then. In 2008, a transition to form a society was unanimously agreed and formal registration to form a society was undertaken. As a result, the Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition of Thailand (SPENT) was established on August 21, 2008 led by Prof. Dr. Chulaporn Roongpisuthipong.

Since then, SPENT has expanded its academic collaboration with a number of organizations such as the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand, the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand and initiated training programs for medical residents, nurses, and dietitians. Currently, SPENT has become a leading distinguished organization in the area of clinical nutrition of Thailand and beyond.


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